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I’m Betty! I’m a very cute, petite girl!

Since I have come into my foster mom’s home I am blossoming with her kindness. I like sitting for treats, making toys squeak and playing and box with my foster mom when no one is looking. I like to go for small walks (1/3 mile loop) around the neighborhood and have begun greeting the neighbors who like me very much, but at home and in my backyard is where I feel most happy.

I have two furry foster siblings that I like very much. I will require a lower energy canine companion in my forever home.   I live with 2 older children and when they have company I prefer to go to my crate and stay out of the action.

Meeting new people and other dogs can be scary but I do really well when they come to my home and I can watch from my crate for a while. I do very well on car rides but I’m probably not ever going to be the cafe dog or into the active social lifestyle. I seem to be a homebody and will quietly, patiently, and happily wait for you to come home from work or school.

To get to know me is to love me. I am a delight! I am SO sweet and very easy to care for. I’ve never had a potty accident! I don’t bark a lot! Help me feel safe and I am very low maintenance. Cozy winter nights cuddled up, watching TV, on the couch, near a fireplace sounds like a dream to me!