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This beefy boy is looking for his forever home. Blanco is not your typical bouncy boxer, he is a mellow boxer that loves to cuddle with his humans on the couch. Blanco loves to spend his days napping, playing tug of war with his foster brother and the occasional short zoomie stint around the backyard. He has the sweetest temperament, even when his obnoxious little foster brother who wants to constantly play won’t leave him alone. Blanco is a quiet boy who doesn’t bark but will whine a little with excitement when we are out for our daily walk and he sees other furry friends or humans. He loves his walks, he pulls a little on the leash but his manners are getting better every day. Blanco is always up for a car ride, even if it’s just a trip around the block, he just loves to be around his people!

Blanco is loyal, loving and will be a great companion to any family willing to give him love, attention and affection. This sweet boxer is ready to meet his forever family.