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Adoption Fee:Tail:Sponsor:Aaron and Ashton McDonald, Carol Rowberg

Hate being alone? Then Bliss is the dog for you…you’ll never have to worry about being alone again. She’s eager to be your literal constant companion and shadow, so say goodbye to unchaperoned bathroom trips.

She just wants to be around you, so she’s up for whatever you want to do (unless it involves rain). Hard pass on walking/being in the rain. Trying to make her go out in the rain is one of the few times she will run AWAY from you. But otherwise, spending the day outdoors? She has the energy to keep up. Feel like being a couch potato? She’s happy to spend the day napping and watching TV with you. But she does want you to be around, so she’d love someone who works from home, or works part-time (or better yet…retired, so you have even more time to give her cute face the attention it deserves).

When she’s not admiring your every move, she enjoys playing with toys. Specifically, tennis balls! She likes to bat them around with her paws like a cat. She also enjoys playing with other dogs, but not every dog is her cup of tea. She prefers slow introductions to new furry friends. Dogs that come on too strong too fast right away can be off-putting to her. After everyone calms down, and she’s had some time to warm up to new personalities, she’s happy to play a good game of chase and see who can do zoomies the fastest.

And she loves a good zoomie. Some of her favorites are the “I just pooped so I feel so light with my empty bowels” zoomie, the “I need to warm myself after coming in from the cold” zoomie, and the “I just bathed and can dry myself faster with air than your towel” zoomie. (She’s great at bath time by the way. She’ll patiently wait as you scrub-a-dub-dub under those armpits and between her toes.)

Bliss was rescued by NCBR over a year ago, and is waiting for a home and person to call her own. Is it you?