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Blue is a sweet and energetic dog. He has a unique and striking look due to his 2 different colored eyes. He LOVES to play with toys and will show you how high he can toss his toys in the air. He will also pounce and push his tennis balls to himself and chase after it if you throw it for him.

He rides very well in cars, has no interest in passers by; neither human nor the 4-legged variety. He is working on leash manners when meeting dogs along the way, he walks well but when he sees another dog he is very interested in meeting a new friend. He knows how to sit and we are working on other training words like stay, down and off. He is fully house trained and doesn’t get into things he’s not supposed to but he will counter-surf if allowed.

He is very exhuberant with new visitors to the house and excited to meet new people and dogs in a friendly manner. We are working on his manners and friendly introductions, with both humans and dogs, as he can be a little over the top at the beginning. He plays a bit rough for the younger kids and makes a bit of noise when he plays, so children in the home need to be 15 or older. This is really funny to humans but may not be as appreciated by other dogs. He currently lives in a home with an older female boxer who he loves to lick and give her kisses when he can, he will even share his food with her. Blue wishes she could play with him and tries to engage but she’s an old gal and he doesn’t force it with her and has adjusted his behavior around her.

Blue would be a great running partner as he loves to run and has a lot of energy to burn. He will also rest when he needs it and has no problem going into his crate for a nap. Blue could be just fine in a home as an only dog or with a playful and patient dog.