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Hi, I’m Bo! I can’t tell you what happened in my junior years (unless you speak Boxer) but I’m enjoying my days as a Wizened Wiggle Butt! Don’t you think the gray around my eyes makes me look distinguished? I love being with people and kissing your hands; and I like belly rubs and wagging my tail. I really enjoy my naps, especially when I’m near you and can keep your feet warm, and I don’t snore (at least not as much as other Boxers).

I’m a little on the small side for a male Boxer, and they say I’m a bit underweight but I have a good appetite. I really enjoy short, leisurely walks. Car rides are fun too, although I might need a little help getting in/out of the car sometimes.

I’m already house trained and learned how to sit. I’m learning down and stay, and I’m getting crate trained as well. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? I can’t hear very well (I’m partially deaf) so you can use hand and touch signals, your body language, and treats to communicate with me.

I’m not that interested in dogs or cats and might do better as an only dog. I don’t jump on people and might do ok with children as long they don’t expect me to play very much. I had a few lumps removed by the nice vet, which is why you see those patches of missing fur, but I’m feeling much better now. My foster dad tells me I’m a special pup, and I’m ready for my special fur-ever home!