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SPECIAL NEEDS NOTE: Bodie is an amazingly easy going dog but requires a special home due to resource guarding and  insecurities with strangers . Recommended not to live with children under 15 (visiting children are fine if managed). Needs his humans to give him time and space when meeting new people, needs to be an only. 

Bodie is incredibly sweet and loves all people and does not stop his wigglebutt. He cannot get enough of your attention or of your lap. Bodie wants to be where the action is and has serious FOMO (fear of missing out). He is very affectionate and loves to give kisses. Bodie enjoys his morning and evening walks. He also enjoys napping on your lap. He is pretty low key around the house and just wants to be where ever his people are.

We call him “little nugget” because he is small for a male boxer but makes up for it in muscle! Luckily, Bodie was in our foster program and was able to receive a much needed surgery called an femoral head ostectomy. Bodie went to physical therapy and even hydrotherapy! We are still working on building muscle mass and working up to longer walks. He will need continued work at home from his new family.

Bodie is a great dog that is just ready to chill on the couch and be with his people. He is left alone with no issues and is very easy going. He loves people but is not a fan of other dogs or cats. If you want a lap dog, Bodie is your little nugget!