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Brisa is the cutest little sock thief you’ve ever met. While she is initially shy and timid, Brisa warms up & really likes people. Brisa loves to play with all the toys, loves to play fetch. Loves to watch tv and be a lap dog as well. Plus she seems to like nice dogs too!. Brisa is tiny and fully grown at around 43-45lbs.

Other than she recently had pups (prior to arriving at the shelter), we have no background info on Brisa but it’s clear she has lead a very sheltered life. She was initially scared of going inside the house and through doorways (much better now), but still is nervous about car rides and leash walks.

After a short while, Brisa is now very comfortable running around inside and outside the home, going up stairs & bringing down unexpected presents for you & she to play with!. Brisa is not highly energetic and settles very easily. Car rides still make her nervous and getting her in/out of the car, but luckily her size makes it easy! Adopters should expect her to take some time to get used to their home and yard too.

Brisa gets on very well with a resident dog in the home and does well alone for short times (currently crated when she’s alone).

Brisa is not suitable for city life and would prefer a suburban or other quieter location. She would be entirely happy to have a yard to play in and over time, get introduced to a local park to walk too but not for a few weeks or even longer after adoption.

Undoubtedly, if you are patient and use positive reinforcement to encourage, you will be rewarded with the most precious & funny little dog who will be your buddy for life.