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Brutus is a gentle giant if I have ever met one! He greets with a cautious wiggle and a handshake. He LOVES his people! He spends his day following me from room to room, wanting to make sure he knows what is going on. He sits patiently for his meals and uses the dog door like a pro! Brutus is not a crate dog though.  He is perfectly content being left out with your pack when you are off to work.

Brutus ignores my cat! He shows little interest in outside animals and is best with brothers or sisters of his own. Don’t leave your toys or shoes out though!  Brutus just might deem them his own before you return.

This boy wants to be part of the family so he’d be best in a home where the adult works short hours and likes to hang around the house. He should have a dog sibling and be able to roam the home when you are away. He isn’t keen on car rides (yet) and a leisurely or brisk walk around the neighborhood is enough to get him stimulated. He walks very well on a leash.  He has a deep voice that is used only on occasion, so it is surprising!

Brutus would make an amazing addition to most homes.