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Your new fur-buddy is ready to meet you! Buddy is a playful goofball and curious about everything. He gets along quite nicely with his foster brother, playing with toys and going on walks together. Buddy even likes to take a short jog on his gentle lead harness, but does enjoy smelling for the neighborhood dogs.

Buddy mastered crate training in two days and is sure to quickly grasp more manners and house rules. He is great with strangers and houseguests. Buddy would enjoy a home with another dog who likes to play and humans that are ready to keep up with his training… as long as they have an endless supply of squeaker toys, plastic bottles, and stuffed animals. Due to his larger size and rambunctiousness, any kids in the family should be 15+ or dog savvy.

Buddy will need a quiet, low key home. He is easily over whelmed by cars, people, and dogs. Buddy recently developed a strong bond with his fellow foster Cole and ideally we’d like the duo to be adopted together. Both boys need a family who will continue to work with them on their issues, but they are quite the pair together!