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Bullet’s energy lives up to his name! This beautiful, young boy is always racing around the yard or through the living room with a squeaker toy in his mouth. He has 3 speeds: sprint, hop or sleep. Not only is he energetic but he will snuggle with you if you let him. He rides very well in the car, he’ll sleep the whole time on his dog bed.

He is doing pretty well on his leash. He explores and sniffs the scents left behind by the wild life. He is very curious about squirrels and jackrabbits, but he redirects back to a calm walk once they are out of sight. Bullet is housetrained and goes to the door when he needs to potty, but sometimes needs a little company when he goes outside for added encouragement. He is very smart and knows ‘sit’ and ‘down’ and is working on ‘stay’ and ‘off’. He is a total goofball and has finally figured out that the dog in the mirror will leave him alone and doesn’t need to be barked at. He is crate trained and goes in easily with treats.

He would do best in an active home with another playful dog and a large yard to sprint in, but could live in an only dog household too if he got enough stimulation. Bullet is a wonderful boxer and his forever family will adore him!