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Camela is a very sweet girl. She loves her humans and has been friendly to all other humans she has encountered. She is fairly calm and would do well with a 30-45 minute walk per day. She loves squeaky toys and particularly likes to tear the squeaker out. She also loves to chew on Nylabones.

Camela is very food motivated and we are working with her on learning basic commands. She seems bright and is picking up on the new commands. She is fully housebroken and is crate trained. She can become excited, for example, when we return home from work, she will become very boxer wiggly and it will take her a few minutes to calm down. For this reason, she would be best in a home with children 12 years and older.

Camela has a high prey drive, so it is not recommended that she be in a home with cats. Additionally, when chasing after squirrels she has demonstrated that she can jump quite high, so a home with a good tall fence would be recommended.

Camela came from a shelter where she tested well with other dogs. She, however, does not like our resident male dog (who is bigger than her). They have only met once. Camela might like to be an only dog.

Camela is a beautiful sweet boxer girl who is looking for her forever home. She is a fantastic companion who walks well on a leash and loves the company of her humans.