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Meet Canela! She is as sweet and spicy as her name suggests (it means cinnamon in Spanish!) This girl is joyful! She is wiggly little kidney bean and is happy to see everyone! If you leave the room for too long, she’ll dance around and wag her nub when you come back in. She makes her foster parents laugh out loud with her antics!

She has a very dignified white muzzle so is theoretically an older adult lady but no one has told her that! She has tons of energy and love to give to her perfect family!

She is learning some leash manners but she LOVES to go for walks. Right now, she pulls if she’s in a new place with new smells because she’s just SO excited but she does settle down after a few minutes of walking, or if she knows the place. She would be a great hiking or running companion and would also love a yard to zoom around in!

She is 99% housebroken (she’s had 2 accidents inside right after coming from the shelter and being spayed but none in several weeks!), knows commands like sit, shake, and come, and is crate-trained. She is very smart and is fun to train, she’s learning to ring a bell to let her foster parents know when she wants to go outside and has potential to learn so much more!

She has a standard boxer ignorance of personal space and will stand on top of you when she wants attention. She is an absolute love bug who gives great kisses and will paw at you to request pets. She loves to curl up at the foot of your bed and snooze the night away. She has the absolute softest fur and you will find yourself petting her all the time!

Right now, Canela would do best as an only dog. She gets a little too focused on other dogs and is working on her socialization skills. She has improved a great deal with her leash-reactivity but she’s still learning how to meet and greet other dogs without coming off too strong. She would do better in a quieter, less dog-crowded neighborhood than where she currently lives.

Canela is the perfect mix of sweet, silly, affectionate, and adventurous. She knows how to read the room and will settle down for a good nap if that’s what’s going on. But if you pick up her leash, she’ll be eager and willing to walk with you for miles! She ADORES squeaky toys and is very rambunctious once she gets into her playful mood!
If you know and love the boxer breed, you will love Canela!