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Carmine is a petite sized super sweet boy who is a quick learner. Next to being with his people, his second great love in life is fetching! He is the perfect fetcher which makes it easy to exercise him because he brings the ball or stick right back to your feet. If you don’t want to touch a slobber covered ball, get a Chuckit ball launcher and you’re set! He’s very athletic and can easily catch a ball tossed to him.

You will love taking walks with Carmine! He was found as a stray in Oakland, but he walks better on a leash than any dog we’ve owned. Just make sure he’s got his favorite ball to carry in his mouth. It’s kind of like his security blanket. In fact, Carmine has been known to fall asleep with the ball in his mouth. While Carmine has not officially met other dogs on walks, he has passed by dogs while on walks and is curious about them. Check back as we learn about Carmine’s disposition towards dogs and cats.

Carmine is doing great on his delayed gratification training! He has learned to sit and wait until he is given the “ok” to either go out the door or start munching (more like inhaling) his dinner.

Carmine is very friendly and loves to meet people. He will typically wag his little nub and lean against any visitor who comes in, but he definitely shows a special affection with groans of delight reserved only for his people!