Cassie 2

Cassie 2

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If you saw Cassie today, you probably wouldn’t guess by her wiggly, joyful nature that just a month ago, she was critically ill and running out of hope and time at a Sacramento shelter. Cassie was emaciated, and extensive bloodwork conducted by the shelter showed that her kidneys were struggling.

Our medical coordinator, a Registered Veterinary Technician, is one of our busiest volunteers, but she knew when she saw Cassie’s labs that she needed immediate and aggressive treatment to save her kidneys. So, she did what she had to do. She rushed to the shelter, picked up Cassie, and brought her to the veterinary clinic where she worked.

The aggressive treatment was successful; Cassie turned the corner! Today, her kidneys function well, and in just three weeks she has gained 15 pounds! Best of all, where not long ago Cassie was running out of time, now she is running with joy.

*Please note, Cassie is currently on Vet Hold and NCBR does not have an estimated time as to when she will be off hold. NCBR does not accept applications for dogs while they are on hold of any kind.