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Chase loves exercise, however when he is tired he is a big snuggle bug. He also will sleep the whole night through. We are working on: “stay here, come here, and stop”. He will give you a quiet howl when it is about mealtime, just so you won’t forget… He pays attention and listens well. Chase is vocal when someone comes to the door, however he settles right down after he gets his sniff of our guests.  Chase wants to be with you, and do whatever you’re doing. At home, when it is quiet, he is quiet, but when he notices one is getting ready to leave, he’s ready to go too. He has not been introduced to a crate yet as he has not been left alone. He is a good travel companion and enjoys car rides and time with his people.  He is a quick study and has picked up the routine of the house just fine. He does not know what “personal space” is when it comes time to snuggle, so be prepared for a lap dog. Above all, Chase is a good dog, who wants to be a good dog. A regular Boxer. I think he would do well in an active household and he is great with the dog door.