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Chesa is a very sweet and energetic girl. She likes to be close to her person, give kisses and get some love in return. She’ll paw at you for more! It doesn’t take much for her to show off her cute boxer stance and take off running so she would love space for zoomies.

Chesa does well around her resident cat. She was curious at first meeting and likes to say hi once in a while but is more interested in doing her own thing. She would do just fine around another confident cat. She’s had exposure to her resident dog siblings and is learning how to get along with them. We are working on some manners and basic training, so she needs some patience. She is eager to please.

She is crate trained and sleeps perfectly through the night. She enjoys getting out for walks and is excited to see other people. She enjoys both stuffed and chew toys. She has such an adorable underbite when she looks at you and her ears give her so much character. She is ready to melt your heart!