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Chico is an extremely sweet, affectionate and exuberant boy. He loves being close to his human, has an unending thirst for snuggles and love and offers affection in the same limitless fashion.

He enjoys high energy activity as much as he does lounging on the couch and is overall a low maintenance dog. He gets along very well with other dogs of all types and personalities and offers much respect, space to them. He has never presented with any reactivity to other dogs as long as he’s been in my care regardless of their disposition or their behaviors.

Chico has a high food drive and a sharp mind for learning making him a great dog to work various behaviors and training protocols with. Learning new skills easily and with precision as well as exuberance comes naturally to Chico and he is eager to display what he learns. Respectful and with good impulse control, Chico is a dog that greets new humans or dogs with ease and grace and seldom vocalizes, he’s a quiet, content and happy boy. Chico has no anxiety being along in his home or alone with other dogs and rides well in the car.

His desire for affection often drives him to snuggle, find a cozy space to curl up and he really enjoys being physically close to his human and showering them with kisses and licks. He is quirky, personable and silly which elicits many smiles from all who get to meet him. This boy is just waiting for you to help him find his furever home and is a genuine joy to be with.