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Chrissy is a sweet girl who enjoys walks, playing with her toys, getting affection and going anywhere with her family. She greets visitors and children with a friendly demeanor and enjoys being petted.

She is full of energy and curiosity, but in a calm manner. Chrissy is very intelligent too. She is crate trained, and sleeps every night in her crate. She knows sit, stay, leave it, come, lets go etc. We also engage in playing hide and seek and finding/sniffing treats to keep her brain active. She had lived with a cat in the past and while Chrissy would love to chase the cat, was reported to be easily redirected by food (and the cat avoided Chrissy).

Chrissy has bilateral knee ligament tears. With a young dog, the best outcome would be surgery but Chrissy is a senior and the type of surgery that is recommended is very hard on a senior dog. She is doing well on medication to manage the inflammation and will probably need to be on that medication the rest of her life.

Thanks to NCBR’s Supporting Our Seniors (SOS) fund, Chrissy’s adopter will be eligible to receive reimbursement for up to $1,000 of veterinary services after adoption!


Professional Photos courtesy of Pet Photos by Olin