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Chucky is a sweet, playful and cuddly boy and on the lower energy side. Such a great dog…that happens to be blind and that does not limit him.  He quickly made a mental map of our home and mastered the stairs quickly.  He warms slowly to other dogs but once properly introduced, and given some time, he settles in.  He seems to prefer larger dogs that are calm.   Chucky is great with meeting new people. He loves to greet his people in the morning with a wiggly butt.  He is house trained, well behaved, sits for a treat when asked, doesn’t get on the furniture; and is now showing interest in playing with toys.  He does not crate at night, but sleeps on his dog bed and stays there, doesn’t roam during the night.  He is a great work companion, just follows his people around and hangs out while they work at home.  He rides well in a car, no anxiety.  Chucky would do best in a quiet neighborhood setting or out in the country as he is skittish when cars drive past, but with reassurance he continues on his walk.  Oh, and he’s great on a leash, he’s not a puller, just a follower.  He has become a more confident silly boy since being in foster care and would make a great addition to his furever family.

Thanks to NCBR’s Supporting Our Seniors (SOS) fund, Chucky’s adopter will be eligible to receive reimbursement for up to $1,000 of veterinary services after adoption!