Clark Griswold

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Clark is a handsome, snuggly love bug and completely blind. What he wants most is to hang out with you, play with squeaky toys and chill out. He enjoys playing with you in the yard and performing micro zoomies.  He walks well on a leash and rides well in the car while crated.  He is on the smaller side, a bit reserved and confident in himself. Blindness is really not a big deal for this guy.

Clark has gotten along with resident dogs but seems selective about his social circle. A slow, moderated introduction to new dogs is advised as the visual cue is missing. Clark should not be in a home with cats or other small pets including small dogs.  Though he cannot find cats or small animals easily, he will seek them out.

Clark is curious about people and dogs while on walks remains quiet and calm when I stop and have a socially distanced chat with people.  In the home environment, he needs to build trust with his new circle of flesh and fur for him to open up and settle in.

Clark crates through the night.  In fact, the crate is his “safe space”. He is potty trained but will need a routine and guidance for potty breaks (especially in new places). He is calm when he receives a nail trim or other physical exams. His exercise needs should be met with a neighborhood walk, mixed in with interactive house and yard play (which he loves).

A good match for Clark is a person who desires a companion,  is consistent and will provide guidance in the human/dog relationship. He can find many noises at once a bit much, so a quiet neighborhood and low key household is probably best. Clark is a really nice dog and will make someone very happy.

With a little guidance, Clark flourishes in a world without sight.