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Cole is an amazing and handsome fella that is looking for a quiet and mellow family to call his own. Cole loves to go for his morning and evening walks. He gets excited when his humans come home and is usually just waiting for you to grab his leash for a walk. Cole can be very shy and timid in new or loud situations. He will avoid even his favorite human when he is nervous and will go lay on his bed in the quiet bedroom. Cole is a dog that prefers classical music and reading over television. Due to Cole’s timidity, he would flourish in a single family home in the countryside or in the quiet suburbs.

Cole is left home free, except from the kitchen (just in case – he has never tried to counter surf) and we have no worries of coming home to the house we left. Cole is really looking for a home where he would have a calm and confident dog brother/sister to look up to. He is so much more comfortable when he has a pal around to show him the way. Cole loves to cuddle – with his humans and dog pals alike! He will also play and follow around his dog friends, so his new fur-sibling will need to be accepting of a new fur-brother and willing to share the family love.

Cole loves to hike and backpack. He does great on trail and sleeping in a tent. He is also a great jogging buddy. I attach his leash to my belt and he will jog along side while constantly checking in to make sure he is where I want him to be and he smiles the entire time. Cole will need continued work with his confidence and walking past people and dogs on leash.

Cole is a dog that needs time and patience because if you rush him into new situations he will shut down and want to get away. Cole quickly picks up on your energy and if you get frustrated or mad, he will want to run to his bed, even if your frustration is not directed at him.

Cole is a very trainable guy and responds well to treats and praise. Once he starts coming out of his shell, he is a loving, fun dog who will make a great addition to the family! Cole recently developed a strong bond with his fellow foster Buddy and ideally we’d like the duo to be adopted together. Both boys need a family who will continue to work with them on their issues, but they are quite the pair together!