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Copper is a boy who loves human attention, enjoys playing and chewing on digestible bones or toys. Copper enjoys his walks and has plenty of energy that he is still building. At times, he really wants to run fast with his foster family to play. On walks, Copper can get a little anxious as he can see very little as he is sight impaired. Walking him on a leash at all times is paramount.

Copper is potty trained, crate trained, and has good house manners. He responds well to basic cues: sit, wait, let’s go, stay, and paw.

Copper is calm and playful all at the same time. He’s very content in the house for quite a few hours where he naps easily. He also likes to go outside and lie down in the sun. A house with a good fenced garden and easy access to it would be ideal for him. Copper loves people and if too much attention is given, he might gently jump on strangers. If ignored, he knows to stay quiet.

Copper is a great companion. He loves to cuddle and be around his people.