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Hi, I’m Daphne. I’m a sweet, friendly, big senior girl who loves being with people, getting belly rubs, wagging my tail, and following you around the house. I’m not as active as I used to be but I like going on short walks, as long as it’s cool outside. I like all the new smells. I usually crash and take a nice nap after my walk. As a matter of fact, I really enjoy my naps and you’ll always know where I am because I’ll be snoring! Other than snoring, I am a pretty quiet pup. I have a good appetite. Car rides are fun. I’m enjoying my days as a Wizened Wiggle Butt!

I’m bigger than a regular boxer. I’m already house trained and know how to sit and lay down. I am learning how to stay and love doing tricks for treats. I’m a mellow gal who will sneak a cuddle – I’ve surprised my foster dad by sneaking under his arm while he was pulling weeds and then sitting right on the weeds!

I’m more interested in my sister resident dog than she is with me so I think I can get along with a brother or sister. I haven’t met any cats yet.
My foster dad tells me I’m a very special, sweet girl who is ready for a special forever home!