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Ella is a happy, sweet dog. You may be tempted to feel sorry for her because of her missing leg, but once you see her tail wagging and the look on her face, you’ll realize that Ella isn’t bothered one bit by being a tri-pawed! She’s happy and wiggly just like any other Boxer. Ella has plenty of spunk for a tri-pawed but she does need help getting up onto higher places, like an SUV or truck. Speaking of vehicles, Ella loves car rides! Every time we go outside she walks to the back of my car, sits, and waits, letting me know that she’d like to go for a ride.

While Ella may be older, she’s still young at heart but doesn’t require as much activity as a younger dog. Ella enjoys a short walk around the block for exercise and then lounges around the house, preferably in the sunniest spot she can find. She also does great in social settings like pubs, restaurants, and any store that allows dogs.

Ella has been left alone in the house for up to 6 hours and has been fantastic. She can get along with most dogs, but may be cautious around new dogs due to being a tri-pawed. Ella hasn’t met any cats yet so we can’t say for sure if she’s friendly with them. She’s fully house broken and crated trained, walks well on leash, and is just a well behaved girl all around.

As a tri-pawed, Ella does need a little special attention. It’s critical that she not ever be overweight and, as mentioned above, she needs assistance up and down to places other dogs her size can get to easily. Otherwise, she’s a normal, happy girl who just wants a family and a bed to call her own.