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Hi Friends!
Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Finnegan. I know it’s a little long for a name, but I like it. I’m looking for a furever home. I’m very easy going and would be happy in a highly active family unit but currently at my foster dad’s home it is just us two, and it’s worked out great. He takes me on multiple walks every day. It’s my first time having a backyard, so I only potty on walks. It’s just what I’m used to, but I’m smart and I can learn to use a yard.

I enjoy all animals, and want to play with them all. I’m very gentle with little dogs and can play and roughhouse with bigger dog friends. I like to play and meet all the dogs on walks. I’m very curious about all the animal friends, because of my curiosity my foster dad has taught me to pull over and let other animals pass us. It is very hard for me to do, but I’m smart and learning quickly.

I have manners, my foster dad tells me all the time. I guess it just my way, to be mild tempered. I’m totally okay with lying around in my kennel all day. My foster dad doesn’t lock me in there, it’s just a place I like to go and spend the afternoons. I don’t mind being locked in there; my foster does that every time he leaves me. It’s totally okay with me because I just love my comfy bed!

Anyhow, that is enough about me. I hope to meet and get to know you! I love meeting new people.