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Frankie (aka Frankenstein & Frank-N-Furter) is an adult male boxer mix complete with soulful brown eyes, Shar-Pei style wrinkles, and a curled smile.

Frankie’s love languages are quality time and physical touch. He loves his humans and loves to cuddle, snuggle, and play fetch with his stuffed squeaker toy. Frankie plays well with other dogs (but is selective about his social circle) and enjoys walking with a confident pack leader.

We don’t know about Frankie’s past, but he is uncertain about new people, loud/sudden noises, and fast moving objects (i.e. bicycles, runners, kids on swings). In these situations, Frankie barks, whimpers, and pulls on his leash – however, his tail is always wagging. When meeting new people at home, Frankie will bark until greeted and once he gets his proper introduction, Frankie warms up and wants nothing but pets and belly rubs. Frankie is working on his manners – he is highly food motivated and will get into anything smelly that’s not secured.

Luckily – he is food motivated! This makes training and coaxing Frankie so much easier. Frankie can be picky about his treats, but once you find his favorite you’re golden! Also physical affection is just as good as a treat in Frankie’s mind.

Although Frankie would love nothing more than to snuggle, exercise and play is important to soothe his energy and anxiety levels. He loves to play fetch with his squeaker toys or a ball – Frankie also likes tug of war.

Frankie wants to be apart of his family’s life. He will not do well cooped up alone and left to his own devices. An ideal home for Frankie will be willing to train, reassure, and provide him the attention he needs to grow into a secure and confident dog. A home with another emotionally secure dog would be be ideal. Due to Frankie’s energetic nature, uncertainty about new people and behavior on leash, a home with no children or older children is best.