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Fred is a one year old adult and ready for his forever home! Fred is quite handsome with his gorgeous black color and sleek physicality. Fred weighs 63 pounds, fairly tall (27 inches at the shoulder), is fully house broken and crate trained. Fred walks well on the leash using a gentle leader and knows commands: sit, stay and wait (he is quite polite). Fred will require patience and a calm and confident leader to keep him on track. He is not a hyper Boxer, but does enjoy his daily walks/outings and opportunity to do about 20 laps in his large fenced area (loves his zoomie time – a few times a day).

While Fred does live with a cat, he wants so much to play with the cat. Play pose and all – the cat is not having it. So a home with cats is fine, just understand, that Fred sees no difference between a dog or cat when it comes to play. He lives with a resident dog and the two of them get on well but he should be with a younger dog given his youthful vigor. Fred is quite athletic and, given my experience with him, may make a great running partner with appropriate guidance. He would love to hike in the open, unfrequented, outdoors. He is quite the outdoorsy/rural type. Fred rides well in the car and loves to feel the breeze on his face and watch the world go by.

Fred spends his day with me while I work and is not disruptive. He is happy to chill, play with toys, go out for occasional breaks (which in include zoomies!). It took a few weeks to settle into our home environment, but once acclimated, he has been a wonderful addition.

Fred is a bit reserved when it comes to people and places. He requires a slow introduction to new surroundings/people/dogs as these things are a bit much for him to take in. Fred is not the type to take excursions to Home Depot, the coffee shop or the youth soccer game. He seems to do well with a very low key environment – a very low traffic household would be best. Fred would need a home with a confident and stable dog who can be his role model as he continues to grow and learn. His new parents need to be willing and able to continue management of his reserved nature.