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Freya is a sweet heart who likes to hang out and follow you everywhere. She is definitely a velcro dog, but unlike some of the other breeds, she likes to velcro equally with everyone in the family. She is calm and mellow while we are in the home, but gets really playful if you encourage her to play. She plays with everyone in our family. She loves going on walks and playing fetch or tag in the backyard. Inside the house, she enjoys playing hide and seek.

Freya is super smart and will understand things from just observing. She is both house trained and crate trained, but she will only go into her crate to sleep. She also loves car rides. She knows the commands- sit, look at me, down, drop it and stay, from just a week’s training. She is also super chill about humans taking/touching her food while she is eating and will wait patiently for us to invite her to eat.

Freya is best suited for a home where she is the only pet.