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Garry is a very well behaved and communicative boy who loves to spend the day playing fetch, chase, or squirrel watching. He’s great at engaging with other dogs and loves to play wit his foster sister after breakfast, then they take a nap to recharge and do it again. Garry is also great with the resident male dog, who is a. 12 year old Boxer. Garry is very respectful of the other dog and although nearly twice the other dog’s size, Garry defers to him on most things (doesn’t take the toy away, etc.). Garry will do well with a family and is excellent at car trips. Since Garry has been working on gaining weight back to a normal 70+ size, he has been largely practicing walking on leash and patiently waiting for his food. After four weeks of training he does both well now, but could always use more walks.