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Adoption Fee:Tail:Sponsor:Jennifer Pippen, Alec Lowe, Kim Goeppinger, Janice De Conti, Florence Caldwell, Peter Sorensen, Don Myers

Getty came to NCBR in 2019 after we suspect he was hit by a car but do not have confirmation of this. NCBR pulled him from the shelter and into veterinary care immediately. With his injuries, his medical bills have been very high. Donations to help this boy in his journey of recovery can be made through the “Sponsor Me” link above.

Now that Getty is in the medical recovery phase with his foster family they have the following to say about him:

We have found Getty to be a very exuberant and snuggling boxer. He came to us very underweight and with physical injuries and now is is a healthy, bouncy boy! It does not seem that Getty has had much exposure to the world or had training prior to coming to NCBR. He is slow to trust people and is unsure in new surroundings. We are working on his training, providing more exposure to regular life and to positive experiences with new people. He is potty trained, crate trained and is well behaved in the house and he is learning to be more independent outside without his human. Getty is a very polite leash walker and enjoys investigating his surroundings. He also wants to be involved with whatever his human foster sisters are doing and is very tolerant of kids shenanigans! Getty loves to be with his people, his fur foster friends (including his foster kitty sisters) and his toys!