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SPECIAL NEEDS NOTE: Gunner is going to need a very specific home environment.  He cannot be in a home with other animals or children of any age.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you meet the requirements and are interested in adopting Gunner, please email

If we had to pick Gunner’s celebrity clone, it would definitely be Paul Blart with a dash of Wreck It Ralph. Gunner is short, goofy, self entertaining and doesn’t always do things with gracefulness in mind! But that’s we love about Boxers…they live for the moment and don’t care how silly they look!

Gunner LOVES toys and will self entertain himself but he also loves playing fetch and tug with a willing adult human participant! This dude is currently working on his “drop” command but Gunner’s fetching ability is so good he even has lab retrievers heads turning!

Gunner also loves his treats and food! In foster care, Gunner enjoys working for his meals in a variety of ways. Right now his thing is doing fun nose work activities in the yard where he sniffs and finds his food and other times he has a blast batting his kong wobbler across the floor as his kibble goes flying! (It’s ok, Gunner does clean up after himself too!)

We want Gunner to enjoy living a happy goofy boxer life but sometimes his excited energy can get stuck in 5th gear. This handsome fella is a recent graduate of training school and because we want YOU and Gunner to be successful, included with his adoption is his very own customized training guide. Not only that but his trainers will be around to ensure everyone gets started on the right paw!

Gunner’s resume is quite impressive from all the training he’s learned too! Gunner knows all his obedience commands like sit, down and stay. He also knows his place command and will come barreling through a hall way when he hears his name. But Gunner doesn’t work for free! He takes his pay earnings in bite sized cooked chicken pieces and peanut butter smear…thank you 🙂

When life around Gunner gets a little nutty and out of control, Gunner’s excitement can get the best of him and turn into anxiety. Gunner has done fabulous learning how to control the anxiety but it also takes a supportive environment so Gunner is looking for a calmer and more controlled home. A home without children and other pets. because let’s face it, Gunner is well deserving of having his humans all to himself and we would love to grant him that wish! ❤️