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Hi, I’m Helen. I’m a sweet, little senior girl who loves being with people, kissing your hands, and will crawl on your lap and snuggle if you let me. I have a good appetite and get really excited when I’m about to get fed. I’ve been going on mile or two walks and hikes and like all the new smells. I usually crash and take a nice nap after my walk. Matter of fact, I really enjoy my naps and sleeping in my crate with the door open or outside in the sun. Car rides are fun. I don’t snore or drool and am a pretty quiet pup. I’m enjoying my days as a Wizened Wiggle Butt!

I’m a little small for a boxer but the nice vet said I have a good physique. I’m potty trained, crate trained and know how to sit. I am learning down and stay and love doing things for treats. I like to jump on people (although my foster dad doesn’t want me to) and might do okay with older children.
I’m interested in dogs but have to work on my manners. I show no interest in chasing birds or squirrels but cats are a no-go.

My foster dad tells me I’m a very special, sweet, little girl who is ready for a special forever home!