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Adoption Fee:Tail:Sponsor:Janice De Conti

Hello! My foster mama is in awe of my resiliency, kindness and capacity to trust. Although I was in very rough shape when NCBR rescued me (I had chemical burns all over my body), I maintained an open heart with infinite love to share. Snuggles are my jam, and I want to be close to my foster mama and foster brother.

I have a zen and calm personality inside – no barking. I enjoy walking outside and have decent walking skills. I want to say hi to every person and dog so my mama finds it easiest to use a Halti, a walking tool. Potty training is 100%. Crates are fine but I prefer to be out and about.

While I’m living in an apartment, I would love more space and to romp in a fenced yard. My foster brother is cool but he’s not into playing with me that much. I would love a buddy who likes to play!!

My stature is tall, I rarely jump, and I have never demonstrated resource guarding with my brother or mom. I am open to kids of all ages.

Thanks so much for checking out my profile. I can’t wait to meet you!