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Hickory just wants to you know that he loves you. He’s never met you, but trust me, he loves you. He loves everyone he has ever met. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever met a dog that just wants to be loved as much as this guy! He is sweet, cuddly, and so, so loving!

Do you want a walking buddy?! Great, he walks well on leash (with some caveats)! Do you want a dog to take to the office with you? He will entertain your coworkers and make you very popular! Do you want a dog who will literally crawl into your lap and snore ever so gently?! Okay, his snores might be a little loud but otherwise, he is your guy!

Did I mention he is also STUNNING? He is seriously handsome and will be the center of attention wherever you go, which he will LOVE, as long as the attention is from humans.

Hickory needs people who are going to work on training with him to make sure he’s the best boy he can be. If you want a young pup who is already housebroken, he is your man!! He has already learned several commands and he is ready to learn more!

He is leash-reactive to other dogs (barking, lunging, whining) out on walks but loves his foster’s resident dog and tries to play with her all the time.

He does show some resource guarding around food and we think this is because he came to us as a skinny little guy who probably wasn’t fed as much as he should’ve been. He was found as a stray and definitely had to fend for himself for a little while. This issue is easily remedied by feeding him separately from our resident dog.

Ultimately though, he would love a doggie sibling that would play with him and show him the ropes! He would also LOVE a yard to romp around in and play with any and all squeaky toys you have to offer!

He is working on his crate training but understandably he gets a little sad when he can’t be out and about with his family. He would love it if you were home more often than not but he also does SO well going to his foster mom’s office and loves how much attention he gets there and would love to keep doing that too!

He tests some boundaries (did you say he’s not allowed on the couch?! He must’ve misheard you…), and generally gets up to some puppy-ish antics!

He needs someone who understands his needs and will work on safely introducing him to other dogs. He is very smart and eager, so please, make the most of his training! He will be the perfect dog if you are willing to put in a little bit of work!