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Isadora is full puppy: energetic, playful, mischievous, but also the biggest love bug! She wants to be the center of attention and is always curious about what everyone is up to. Izzy is the BEST cuddler – she loves to cat nap and cuddle .

Izzy would do great in a home with active adults, older kids, or other pups to play with. She enjoys all kinds of play, including running laps around you or fetch with a ball or toy – she will play for hours! Izzy gets along great with other dogs and kids. With proper introduction and guidance, she also gets along with cats.

Izzy us a quick learner and is easily motivated by treats and bones. She also likes to please her humans, making her a great student. She’s already learned sit and lay down, and is working on a shake. Being young, Izzy is still working on potty training and sometimes forgets to go outside, but she will get there.

Izzy is one fabulous little girl with a LOT of love to give! Can your family give Izzy all the love she deserves?

*** Puppies will only be adopted out to homes where there is already an adult dog, no children under five, and where the dog will not be left alone for long hours. Sierra will need a home with an adult male dog. ***