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Jade has a friendly, sweet and loving disposition. She is a champ with kids and dogs. She is very receptive to affection and gives kisses freely. She is crate-trained and is very calm in her crate, which she sleeps in overnight.

Jade tries to engage our senior male boxer in play indoors and likes to run with and play with our female boxer outside.  She enjoys playing tug of war with our kids and likes to chase balls and play with chew toys.  She is non-destructive and can be trusted in the home.  She occasionally will bark at a neighbor’s dogs at our fence but immediately ceases the behavior once corrected.  Jade is very smart and eager to please.  She knows a number of commands and is good at receiving and following cues from her humans.

Jade is very muscular and solid and though she listens very well, her natural strength is considerable. She walks well on her leash but does tend to pull towards new dogs while on walks. She does not show aggression towards them but is curious and interested in meeting them.  Jade enjoys a brisk daily walk and dog play in a large backyard, but she is mainly a couch potato who wants to lay around near her humans and other dogs.

Jade would do best in a home with another dog to play with or some active human friends. She would also do well with kids of all ages.  Jade has also lived with two cats (a senior and a kitten) and has done well with both of them.