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Josie is a sweet little girl that is learning to appreciate the good things in a dog’s life. She has started to enjoy taking her daily walk – meeting and greeting new people and snuffling new smells. She is a bit hesitant to get in a car, but settles in once on the way, and I think will eventually learn to like car rides as much as a walk.

Josie lives with an older tabby cat, and they get along well. Neither one has had one bad word to say about the other, both just pretty much agreeing to live and let live.

Josie came to her foster home very very thin, and is working on putting on a few pounds. She has already gained a little and looks much better for it. She seems to feel better too.

Other than breakfast and dinner (and inside/outside), about the only thing Josie asks for is love. She enjoys hugs and scratches and pats, and lots of loving words. She will take as much as you’re willing to give. Josie’s tail is constantly wagging, and that happiness is contagious.

Josie is a very gentle, mellow soul who will most likely benefit from a quieter home. She is content to hang out on her own while her humans are gone, but definitely wants to get lots of attention when they’re home. She sleeps through the night, snores a little, and wakes bouncy and playful, to start a new day.