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Kalimba is around 52lbs, and is a beautiful chestnut brindle & white boxer. She will be 2 years of age on August 28th, 2019. Kalimba is a very happy dog, often acts like a puppy, and loves to run and play. When needed, she does very well on her own for a few hours, and is crate trained. As a puppy through to adult, Kalimba had very limited exposure to strangers and no exposure to other dogs, so is fearful in a lot of situations, Around her home, she’s nervous with visitors but with proper introductions, will warm up after some time. Outside the home, Kalimba is extremely anxious around dogs, and as she is very reactive, she is not able to meet any new dogs on leash. The only way to introduce Kalimba to new dogs, is over a period of days or weeks in the home, and only if the new dog is very easy going. Once Kalimba trusts another dog, she loves their company and is truly happier living with other dogs. When approached in a gentle manner, Kalimba can meet strangers outside but will be reserved until she knows you. As Kalimba does love people, she eventually bonds very closely to people and certain dogs (such as those in her foster home).

Kalimba will not be adopted to a home with kids under 15, and is best suited to a quiet environment where she won’t have to meet lots of other dogs on walks. Kalimba is not a dog who wants or needs to go to coffee shops, restaurants, dog parks etc. She thrives on structure/routine, with plenty of exercise and company during the day. Since she can’t go to dog parks, Kalimba also needs access to a safe fenced yard to run in.

Kalimba has a ton of potential for the right adopter, and is a stunning dog. Any interested applicants must have prior experience dealing with an anxious dog and well as leash reactivity. Kalimba cannot live with cats or small dogs etc.