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Kalimba is a beautiful chestnut brindle & white boxer and has done very well adjusting to her foster home. Around her home, she’s shy at first but will warm up to strangers after a short while. Kalimba loves to play and will happily chase a ball or furry toy. When needed, she does very well on her own for a few hours, and is crate trained. Outside the home, Kalimba is anxious around strangers or other dogs, and so she’d rather go for quiet hike or have you play with her, instead of going to coffee shop or store.

As a puppy, Kalimba was raised with her boxer parents (and some siblings) but didn’t have a lot of exposure to other dogs or new places. After several weeks of careful management, Kalimba now gets on very well with the dogs in her foster home. She now loves to play with them and they like her too! Given the extensive amount of time it takes to introduce her to new dogs (at minimum days if not longer), unless an applicant is willing to spend time to introduce her to their dog(s), it may be easier for her to be an only dog, as long as she’s not home alone all day. As a young adult, she needs things to do and lots of exercise! That said, we would love to see her live with other dogs if the applicant has the experience to work on integrating her to their dog or pack. She’s better suited with larger dogs. No cats.

Kalimba is a fantastic dog and undoubtedly will continue to become more confident over time. We’ll discuss Kalimba’s behavior in detail with any interested applicants so feel free to apply.