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Kilkenny is an amazingly sweet boy. He is calm for a boxer, but has his bursts of energy and likes to run around a for just a few minutes each day. He likes to get his boxer wiggles and “kidney beans” each day when you come home from work! He’s always happy and has a smile on his face. His favorite thing to do is lounge around with his humans. He’s not a dog that is interested in toys or playing fetch. He likes the companionship of other dogs but he’s not much of a playful dog with other dogs. He is very food motivated and LOVES to learn new tricks! He currently knows: Sit, Down, Off, Stay, Leave it, No, and Shake. We have been working on Sit Pretty and Speak.

Kilkenny has been around children of all ages from 5 months old up to teenagers. He is such a calm and relaxed dog and pays no mind to children, except for the rare occasional kiss.  The key is constant supervision of children around any dog.

Kilkenny enjoys car rides and is an awesome passenger. He walks well on a leash and enjoys daily leisurely strolls. He has done 2-3 hour walks through busy, public, tourist cities and he does great as long as you’re not walking too fast.

We have brought Kilkenny on vacations with us and has stayed in several hotels. He always does great and never has a problem tagging along as long as he has his familiar people with him and his dog bed to relax on.

Kilkenny has not shown any prey drive. He never chases after deer, squirrels, birds or any wildlife he’s encountered. We have a cat, a pet bunny and free range chickens that he pays no attention to. He’s met dogs of all ages and has never had issues with any of them.

The best home fit is a somewhat calm and relaxed home.  If you are interested in meeting Kilkenny, NCBR would like to provide you medical information about him before any meet and greats.