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Lacey is a wonderful dog who would do well in almost any loving home. She came from a family with children, does well with the children in our house, and already knows the basics. Lacey knows “sit”, “down”, and picked up on “shake” pretty quickly. Lacey is also crate trained and potty trained. Lacey is very food motivated and I expect she’ll pick up on any new commands you want to teach her very quickly. She would love a home with a secure backyard where she can chase away those pesky squirrels and birds for you and a home that has a nice warm spot for her to lay down in her crate at night.

Lacey does pull on the leash a bit while on a walk however this has been easily controlled with a Halti (gentle lead). Somewhere along the way when she was a puppy Lacey got confused and started thinking barking means “lets be friends”. While generally quiet at home she will bark at other dogs occasionally while out on a walk though it hasn’t been a significant issue we just say “leave it” and keep walking. Lacey generally does really well in the car, she loves sitting up on the seat and watching the big world go by out the window however she again will bark at animals if she sees them while driving (though we’ve been working on this issue as well with progress). Lacey is very attentive around the home and while on leash however if she manages to get outside off leash she’ll be running and hunting squirrels and she’ll be so distracted that she has a hard time listening, we’re still working on her recall with some progress. Lacey also loves to dig up gopher holes though she hasn’t caught one yet. Lacey has not been at all destructive, and the only thing she seems to like to chew on is a nylabone. She likes to go in her crate when we are not home but is also fine being left free inside the house.

Lacey also does very well with our resident dog, a younger male boxer. They love to play together and wear themselves out then sit by the warm fire at night and relax. While it takes her a while to fully relax in a new home I think she’s a sweet and loving dog that would do well in a wide variety of homes with just a little training. Lacey would do fine as an only dog as long as her owner loves her and gives her attention. She’d be fine in a home with older children or in a home with a single person. It seems like she’d take well to being in a home with plenty of exercise or in a home where she can indulge her lazy snugly side. I’m not sure what more you could ask for in a dog, if you’re looking for a new best friend then you should come meet Lacey!