Legend 2

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Meet Legend 2; a beautiful, flashy, brindle boy. He is potty trained, crate trained, walks on a leash and rides well in cars. He loves to chew on his chew toys and that will be important for him to have as he can occasionally find himself in trouble chewing on things he should not. He likes his foster Mom to throw a ball for him. While he brings it back, he doesn’t always drop it. He gets along well with resident dog who is older and super calm. Legend is a young, smart boy and obedience classes will benefit both he and owner. Legend has happily greeted visitors that have come to the home and outside the home. Legend is walked twice a day and walks well with a harness as he tends to pull when he is being walked with his collar. He is very curious on his walks. At the end of the day he loves to cuddle up with resident dog or Foster Mom or Dad while watching tv.