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Meet Lemon – The cutest little boxer you’ve seen in a long time.  She’s around 49-50lbs.  Lemon is generally gentle and a little shy but with bursts of playful energy.  She starts her day with a dance of joy and ends it with hugs and kisses.

When she first moved to her foster home, Lemon was anxious and typical day-to-day things seemed new to her.   In a short while, she’s adapted quite well and we are now seeing more & more of her fun personality.   Lemon also hasn’t had much experience meeting dogs on leash, and as a result, she’s overly interested in meeting each dog, and will pull towards all new dogs.   Lemon will need leash training to ignore other dogs and focus more on the person walking her.  We have also spent some time introducing Lemon to other known dogs, and Lemon has done well meeting calm dogs (boxers & non boxers).  However, Lemon gets very nervous & reactive if a dog is excitable and so she’s only suited to be around dogs who are calm & stable.   It is possible Lemon could live with a middle aged or older tolerant calm dog, or she’d be ok as a single dog as long as her people have the time to spend with her.

Lemon’s ideal home is with people who have time for her, and live in a quieter suburb or rural area.  No townhomes/apts.   We have not tested Lemon around cats.