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Adoption Fee:Tail:Sponsor:Brenda Clark, Cate Hamilton, Ronald Zev

My foster mamma says my face melts the hearts of many as people frequently stop us to greet me, and that I will be a joyful addition to my furever home.

I LOVE other doggies and people, and am an enthusiastic, energetic and playful boy who is extremely food motivated. It is imperative that I have ample play time and activity. I love stuffed Kong’s and other things to chew on.

My leash walking is fairly solid and I respond to “sit” if you have a treat. My crate is my house and place of refuge where I get food and sleep at night. Sometimes my foster mamma asks me to spend a bit of day time in my house so I can settle down. While on the youngish side, I still do a bit of mouthing (never hard and I will grow out of this). Everything in the house is a toy – like everything. I know I should leave certain items alone, but I also know that it gets my foster mamma’s attention.

Given my high energy, I am better suited in a home with older children or without children. I could be a solo dog but I would prefer to have a buddy to play with.

Wags and wiggles,