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Adoption Fee:Tail:Sponsor:Delaney Amarel, Jennifer Pippen

To meet me is to become instantly smitten, or so I’ve been told. If you have love and warmth to give, I am all paws in!

My knees were in rough shape when NCBR saved me. Fear not, I powered through surgical repairs and am in healing mode. Snuggles and quiet sunbathing are my jam right now.

It is frustrating to contain my zoomies while rehabbing, but I walk well on a leash with a Halti. I know basic commands and am completely housetrained.

I love my canine foster brother, but I need consistent boundaries or I tend to boss him around.

Please stay tuned…I can’t wait to ditch my vet hold status and become smitten with you in return!!

Wags and kisses,