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Meet Luca, a super friendly, happy to be by your side, faithful companion. He’s learned sit, shake (with both paws), and down – clear evidence that Luca is food-motivated! He’s also learned to sleep in his crate all night and gently taps his paw when he’s ready to come out. When you’re home, Luca will follow you around the house and lay quietly wherever you are. While he loves being a lap dog, he’s content to curl up on a comfy dog bed near you.

Luca thrives on positive affirmations and loves when his people talk to him. He’s attentive to noises but looks to his people for guidance rather than barking. When guests come to the door, he’s quiet and greets everyone with that boxer wiggle butt we all love. Outside he keeps himself entertained but isn’t destructive, tending to wait patiently by the door when he’s ready to come in. 

Out and about Luca has great manners, greeting everyone and being friendly to all he meets. Luca loves walks whether it’s in a busy downtown, at the beach, or in the neighborhood. His leash manners are good but he could use additional work on not pulling when excited to meet people or other dogs.

To Luca, cats are for chasing and way too enticing to be his housemates. He’s very friendly to all dogs, but can be over-enthusiastic at initial meetings for some canines’ taste – nothing a little guidance and basic training couldn’t address.

Luca is a quiet, non-needy dog that would be a great companion. He’s looking for love in all the right places!