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Without further ado, let me introduce you to Luca! Whoever gets to adopt this hunka hunka burning love is going to be one lucky family. Luca is a very sweet, handsome boy that just wants to be near his humans. He loves hanging out with his family while enjoying a chewy or frozen kong. Luca even loves puzzle toys for meal time. This is a great time for Luca to get some mental exercise.

Luca has spent some time with our trainer and has done well learning some basic obedience and how to walk well on a leash. He will need someone that will continue working his training exercises. Luca’s forever human will need to be a strong pack leader so Luca knows the rules from the very start.

Luca doesn’t really like other dogs. He thinks his humans are the best ever! So he needs to be the only animal in the home. Therefore, he should have a home with a yard so he can relax and enjoy lounging outside while soaking up the sunshine.

If you love hanging out and snuggling up to watch a good movie then maybe Luca is THE ONE! He’d love to show you everything he’s learned at boot camp!