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Lucas is an incredibly sweet Boxer that just wants to be in the company of humans. He’s a very quiet boy when in the house. Lucas also has a strong appreciation for a comfy dog bed with a soft blanket on top, and he won’t pass up a treat-filled Kong! Want to go for a car ride? Lucas will happily be your co-pilot for the journey.

Sweet Lucas is all about routine: regular meal times, bed at 8, and wake up at 7. He’s a work-in-progress with crate training but is making improvements each day. We’re also working on his behavior when other dogs approach during walks. Lucas currently gets very excited and vocalizes that excitement with loud barking and pulling toward the other dog. We’re working on sitting with treats when this happens. Our resident male French Bulldog and Lucas get along very well and Lucas allows the Frenchie to maintain his dominance.

Lucas is a great companion and love bug who thrives on routine. If that sounds like your kind of fur-pal, apply to meet Lucas today!