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Madison (Maddie) is a perfect little lady in the house and eagerly greets all visitors. She would love to greet them with a kiss, but is learning to do her wiggly dance and lean in for some petting instead. She knows all her basic commands, including some I believe she made up herself, such as “twirl”! Although Maddie enjoys spending time cuddling up and just “hanging ”, she also needs moderate exercise – walks, fetch/tug/catch-me, and, of course, zoomies.

Maddie spent her first seven years with a loving family, but at the death of her owner, was surrendered to a shelter. She loved to swim, and she loved her people. Her separation anxiety is pretty high and she cannot yet be left alone. She enjoys being with her family in the car and can be left alone in the car for short periods of time.

Maddie is quite reactive outside the home. Noises and sudden appearances startle her and she will react by lunging towards them. She is improving and walks well on leash as long as there are no dogs around. She is still very reactive to dogs and would need to be the only dog in the home.

Thanks to NCBR’s Supporting Our Seniors (SOS) fund, Madison’s adopter will be eligible to receive reimbursement for up to $1,000 of veterinary services after adoption!