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Maggie or Maggie Mae as I call her is a young adult female boxer with a lot of energy. She loves to play with toys including her tug of war. She wants you to throw her squeaky toys so she can run them down and then have you throw them again. I haven’t yet tried a tennis ball but I’m sure she would catch on quickly.

She gets along well with my two senior dogs but she has no respect for age. She wants them to play as if they were 5 years younger. She can sit next to them while turkey frank treats are given out and not try to take theirs away. She will go after their food if they aren’t right there to eat it so she now eats her meals in her crate.

While she will go into her crate for meals with just a “crate” command, she doesn’t like to stay in there for long periods of time. In the beginning, she would stay in the crate overnight. Now, she does not like it and will let the entire house know it.

Once I knew she would be able to last all night without a potty accident, I let her stay in my room on the dog bed that is at the foot of my bed. She will lay down with Fred, my shepherd, and go to sleep. In the morning, she will get up and try to wake me from the side of my bed. She is used to getting up at 5am with me for work so the weekends and trying to sleep in doesn’t work too well yet.

Maggie is easy to teach as she really loves her turkey franks for a reward. She knows sit and she knows crate. We are working on stay and come. We are also working on being leash trained. She does not fight having a leash attached while roaming around the house and backyard but still has issues trying to walk along side me.

She’s a wonderful dog that wants to be loved and cared for by her human.