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Marlee, named after deaf actress Marlee Matlin, is a jack of all trades. She is a petite little beauty who plays hard, snuggles hard and sleeps hard. She doesn’t let her lack of hearing deter her from enjoying life, learning and having fun. She is so eager to love her people and cuddle you beyond your wildest dreams. Her tongue is probably her most adorable feature. It’s hanging out of her mouth in some way or another at least 90% of the time. Despite her long tongue, she isn’t an excessive drooler,

Marlee is learning her commands via sign language and knows sit, lie down, stay and we’re working on others. Given Marlee’s willingness to please and learn, she should be potty trained in no time. Marlee loves her foster sister, Beanie, and they play all the time – tug of war is her favorite, but mostly she just likes to toss around her toys. They walk great on a leash next to each other and enjoy playing and chasing each other in the yard. Since Marlee can’t hear she sleeps like a rock and has the cutest little snore sometimes. She likes to have an eye on her people or her foster sister most of the time. She’s very visual so you’ll notice that if she can’t see you, she will come looking for you. With time, and as she gets more comfortable in her environment, her dependency on having to be near you should lessen.
Don’t let her lack of hearing deter you….she’s exceptionally smart and very capable of learning more sign language.