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Mason is a fun dog! Mason can be a very mellow dog most of the day, but loves play time and walks. He sits quietly while I work from home, and entertains himself well playing with all of his toys. He also loves fetch and going on walks. Mason knows basic commands like sit, lay down, and shake, but still has room for improvement with overall manners. He is treat driven which is very helpful with training. Mason does pull on walks initially and then settles down. He’s not very reactive to other dogs and people.

Mason also loves human attention and being with his people. He sleeps well crated at night, with a treat to encourage him. Mason stays in the backyard for short periods of time while we are gone, but someone is generally home. I don’t know that he’d do well by himself for long periods of time. He rides well in the car with a basic tie down.

Mason is a super sweet boy full of love to give.